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For example, the presence of smoke, tobacco smoke odor, or smoke stains within an apartment in combination with butts, ash trays, or other smoking paraphernalia will be considered significant evidence of a policy violation. Some hospitals allow smoking in specific areas, such as smoke huts or in personal vehicles. Smokefree multiunit housing policies in nebraska 2012. A smoking policy can give an idea on what the employer expects from the employees in relation to smoking. This policy is intended to ensure that the college complies with smoking legislation and maintains a healthy and safe environment for all staff, students and visitors to the college.

Accordingly, the university of washington establishes the following no smoking policy, consistent with chapter 70. Smokefree signage is imperative in communicating the existence of wa healths smoke free policy as well as maintaining the message. Hudsubsidized housing owners and tenants must meet the rules and regulations about smoking and remain compliant with state and local policies on clean air and smokefree areas. Let the pha staff know if you are happy with the new policy or if you have been able to quit smoking. In 2009, the vice president for planning and administration issued a no smoking policy in the university to comply with the provisions of republic act 92111 otherwise known as tobacco regulation act of 2003 which prohibits. The health hazards from smoking tobacco products, as well as. The college is committed toensuring that employees and learners are kept as safe and healthy as possible whilst on the college. Sample smoking policy black, bold text provides the minimum requirements needed to comply with the smoke free legislation. Two key messages were developed for both the western australian country health services and metropolitan health services.

The ban applies to anything that can be smoked and includes, but is not limited. This policy will apply to all police officers, police staff, special constables, volunteer police cadets. The policies do not violate residents privacy rights and do not discriminate against residents who smoke. Staff members are expected to inform visitors of the no. For help quitting smoking, call 866 ny quits no smoking this is a smokefree establishment. This policy replaces the previous smoking policy, last revised in september 2007, and is designed to ensure compliance with the no smoking regulations made under part 1 of the health act. Impact of smokefree policies on businesses, the hospitality sector, and other incidental outcomes 75. Council will work with sporting clubs, ryde sports council and community groups using councils parks and reserves to promote this policy and to. Sample smoking policy for worksites tompkins county. Advertising is one of the primary markets for graphic designers. No smoking policy and procedure learning ladder nursery. Staff all staff takes the issue of smoking seriously.

We are committed to a programme of action to make this policy effective and to bring it to the attention of all staff. The aha is responsible for enforcing the policy with contractors and aha employees. In order to better deliver on this commitment, all hertz vehicles are nonsmoking. Attend resident meetings about the smokefree policy. Nasal nitric oxide and lifestyle exposure to tobacco smoke. A survey of guardian managements lowincome residents showed that, after their nosmoking policy went into effect, 43% were smoking less. Policy statement the universitys policy on smoking is designed to secure a healthy and safe environment for students and staff as well as eliminating passive smoking from its premises in keeping with the smoking, health and social care scotland act 2005 the 2005 act. We care about the health of each and every employee, and it is our intent to provide all. The building policy on smoking applies to any person on the property, including guests. The no smoking policy is designed to secure a nonsmoking healthy and safe environment to protect the staff, pupils and students, visitors and contractors from the effects of tobacco smoke and to ensure compliance with the smokefree exemptions and vehicles regulations 2007. You can find a sample building policy on smoking at pdf smoke smokingsamplepolicy.

Staff will be informed of the no smoking policy at recruitment. Almost 50% of smokers said they tried to quit and 23 of those cited the nosmoking policy as the main reason. If you have decided to offer smoking cessation information andor resources alongside your nosmoking policy, have these ready when the policy is implemented. The nno level was measured by use of a sievers model 280i noa nitric oxide analyzer general electric analytical instruments, boulder, colorado employing a mouth resistor method. The university is committed to promoting health and welfare, and, as a good employer, wishes to.

Residents will be held accountable for guests who violate the policy. This policy applies even in the absence of posted no smoking signs. This nosmoking policy complies with the health act 2006 and associated regulations. Simply possessing a smoking policy and ensuring that all employees are aware of it may be sufficient. Any individual may voice objections to smoking in any smokefree area without fear of. Smoking and vaping are prohibited in all enclosed areas within this worksite without exception. Scope of the policy smoking is banned at our workplace. Smoking is prohibited in all enclosed and substantially enclosed premises in the workplace. Hertz is committed to providing a safe, clean fleet for our customers and employees. No smoking policy and procedure providers must not allow smoking in or on the premises when children are present or about to be present. The no smoking policy also includes optional clauses in respect of home workers and the use of electronic cigarettes ecigarettes in the workplace. No smoking policy university secretariat dalhousie.

No smoking policy ottawa community housing och supports a smokefree environment and is committed to promoting safe and healthy communities and working environments what does this mean to you. Smoking shall also be prohibited from service areas and service lines. Some owners of apartment buildings are questioning whether they should continue to allow smoking in their units. This smoking policy is designed to secure a nonsmoking healthy and safe environment for everyone who works, studies, visits or has business at the university of bristol and to ensure compliance with the smoke free exceptions and vehicles regulations 2007.

The policy shall come into effect on sunday, 1 july 2007. Included in each section are prompts to information. The director, security services ss, om, comaintains this directive with fs, respective gsa building management and facility lessors. Compliance the nosmoking policy does not mean that residents will have to quit smoking in order to live in public housing. No smoking policy new horizons learning centre, south. This employee smoking policy template is ready to be tailored to your companys needs and should be considered a starting point for setting up your employment policies. This seems largely accepted by the general public, and most people have come to expect this of hospitals in general. Be prepareddecide ahead of time how infractions will be handled. Hud also encourages private property owners participating in the projectbased housing choice voucher program to adopt smokefree policies for their buildings, but does not require them. It will be requested that parents and carers adhere to the no smoking policy and refrain from smoking on the academy grounds.

Sample language for smoke and vape free workplace policies. Adopting a nosmoking policy in apartment buildings. Visual observation of smoking is not necessary to substantiate a violation of the nosmoking policy. Smokefree policy template the following template is a starting point from which you cancreate a workplace smokefree policy. Alcohol nyes nno smoking nyes nno sexually active nyes nno recreational drug use nyes nno. The head teacher ensures that all children, parents and visitors know that smoking or vaping is not allowed in school. Policy statement smoking is prohibited on all of the departments premises except in designated areas. The no smoking policy outlined below takes effect from 1st january 2009. Hertz transitioned all vehicles to nonsmoking in february of 20. Name of collegeuniversity smokefree and tobaccofree policy. Graff, tobacco control legal consortium, there is no constitutional. Our office does have a strict 15 minute late policy.

Smokefree policies are about where people smoke, not about whether they smoke. Submit concerns or complaints about policy violations to the pha staff. Companies that fail to enforce the provisions laid out in this document will face heavy fines. Page 27 of the statutory framework for the eyfs 2014 3. The no smoking policy sets out the universitys prohibition on smoking in any university owned or leased building, on university property, or in university vehicles. Belief that enforcement of a smokefree policy is difficult.

The following arrangements have been made for informing people of the policys existence. Smoking the burning of any variety of lighted pipe, cigar, cigarette or other smoking equipment. View policy pdf 31 kb university secretariat dalhousie university henry hicks academic administration building, room 210. Hud guidebook implementing huds smokefree policy in public housing smokefree policies are legal smokefree policies are legal. The designated smoking area shall in all respects comply with section 3 of. Smoking means smoking, holding or otherwise having control over an ignited smoking product. Sample tobaccofree workplace policy cancer gold standard. Smokefree policy proposal ucsc risk services uc santa cruz. Evaluating the effectiveness of smokefree policies iarc. The no smoking policy is designed to ensure a healthy and safe working. All signs can be printed as a4 size prohibiting plate or sticker. Policy it is the policy ofthat all our workplaces are smokefree, and all employees have a right to work in a smokefree environment. Universitys no smoking policy from 112009 page 1 of 3. The health hazards related to smoking impact both the smoker and the nonsmoker who is exposed to secondhand smoke.

This includes common work areas, auditoriums, classrooms, conference and meeting rooms, private offices, elevators, hallways, medical facilities, cafeterias, employee lounges, stairs, restrooms, employerowned. Additional green text is for organisations who wish to introduce additional restrictions on smoking, such as removing smoking breaks or. Smoke or smoking refers to the carrying or smoking of. Frequently, signs are placed around the property declaring the hospital a tobaccofree facility.

Children are taught about the risks of smoking through the rotherham healthy schools policy in pshe and in science when learning about healthy bodies. Smoking product includes any tobacco or other product that is intended to be smoked. A smoking policy can serve as the formal document that can be used as a reference whenever there are some items that are necessary to be clarified regarding the policy execution. Policy statement the universitys policy on smoking is designed to secure a healthy and safe environment for students and staff as well as eliminating passive smoking from its premises in keeping with the smoking, health and. When you sign a lease with och, you will agree not to smoke in your unit or anywhere on och property. The universitys policy on smoking is designed to secure a healthy and safe environment for students and staff as. Can hud subsidized housing have a no smoking policy.

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